Lifetime Weavings of Faith and Friendship


Did you keep a journal when you were young? Both Judy and Julie did.  They even had pen pals once upon a time.  However…

…both of them bemoaned their respective failures at keeping up with pen pal letters when they were children and when reminiscing one day wondered if their past letter negligence could be overcome by writing now what might have been then. So desiring to keep their story strictly truthful, they dug up their old journals and letters and memories and fashioned them into a factual and entertaining series of letters. Here you have it: secrets, cares, and joys; adventures near and far, family and historical events, cultural happenings. A Journey of Letters will take you through the latter half of the twentieth century in a fresh and endearing way.

You will identify with these two women’s thoughts, experiences, and life patterns. Find your spirit refreshed and your hope renewed as you laugh and cry along with these writers as they take you through the twists and turns of their lives in A Journey of Letters.


Chapter 1: City Girl, Country Girl
Chapter 2: Wings and Flings
Chapter 3: Blooming Brides
Chapter 4: A Time to Be Born
Chapter 5: Ordinary Days
Chapter 6: A Time to Die
Chapter 7: Into Africa
Chapter 8: Windows
Chapter 9: Wedding Bells and Death Knells
Chapter 10: The Longest Suicide Note in History
Chapter 11: The Mostly Postcard Years

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